Who are we?

«Sol & Måne» is a BDSM organization based in Trondheim, meant to be a social meeting place for those interested in BDSM and fetishism in the Trøndelag Region.

What do we do in Sol & Måne?

We arrange regular munches every two to three weeks. The time and place for them are announced in our forums. We also arrange BDSM parties a few times a year, as well as some other activities, such as organizing trips to events held by other BDSM organizations in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia.


A munch (or åpentreff, which literally means “open meeting”) is an informal social gathering for people interested in BDSM. We meet at a local pub, usually getting a table that allows us to keep our privacy. We also do not meet up dressed in fetish wear, but like we would be dressed if we were to meet any other group of friends for a few drinks one evening. Collars, cuffs, corsets and similar items may be worn, but not items that draw too much attention from people who do not know what it symbolizes. At the munch, we simply gather to talk, about both BDSM and anything else that interests us, enjoying a glass or two of beer/wine/water/coffee or whatever you prefer (however, we do not condone getting drunk at our events, so please keep to just a few drinks, if you drink alcohol at all). Usually, we gather at a place that also serves food, so if you’re hungry, or just peckish, it is possible to get something to eat as well.

Our munches are open to anyone interested in BDSM, local or visiting. We also offer newcomers to meet one of our members before the munch, either a few days before or at the pub half an hour or so before the munch starts. Contact us at sologmaanelosjen@gmail.com to arrange that.

BDSM Party

Sol & Måne arranges two kinds of parties: Single-evening parties and weekend cabin-trip parties.

Parties (or medlemstreff, literally “members’ meeting”) are private events that are only open to paying members of the organization, as well as (usually) members of other BDSM organizations, and hand-picked special guests. We have a set of event rules that are strictly followed at our events, and anyone coming are expected to read and sign these.

Cabin-trip (hyttetur) parties are also arranged at a cottage, cabin or lodge where we can be reasonably sure of having our privacy both indoors and outdoors, and most people stay at the cottage for the weekend. At our parties, we allow for BDSM play, but do not assume that everybody will play. If you want to play, you are yourself responsible to arrange for someone to play with, as well as the toys that are needed.

In both kinds of parties, you are expected to follow the Losje’s rules (festreglement, literally “party reglament”).


In order to become a member, you must have come to at least one åpentreff. Then, a member of the board would have a one-on-one interview with you, and then you can pay the membership’s fee to the treasurer.

Contact us, and/or attend a munch to get all the details.